When working with Emerio, our client gets the full benefit of our in-depth knowledge of software development, database technologies and the latest Web technologies applied to the specific e-Business solution. We help our clients to enhance their solutions as their business needs change and grow.

:: Services
Emerio’s Software Services team specialises in Customised Software Development and Application Re-engineering. We provide complete business solutions on areas like intranet, extranet, internet and client-server architecture.
Customised Software Development
Emerio recognises that each business has its own unique requirements.
Our requirements study produces a comprehensive understanding of client needs. A thorough analysis facilitates the development of software solutions that effectively address business requirements. Our customised software solutions improve the way our clients do business and give them a quick return on investment.
Our Development Methodology :
At Emerio, we use modern software development platforms and software development tools. We employ the latest project management techniques and software engineering practices to ensure the timely, error-free delivery of software applications that are highly scalable without loss of performance.
Application Re-engineering
Emerio assists you in migrating your existing software applications running on obsolete technologies to more reliable and scalable platforms. During this process we also add more functionality. This improves productivity at a lower cost of ownership and simultaneously preserves the established business rules and practices incorporated in the existing systems.
Our re-engineering methodology includes the following steps:
Assessment (As-Is)
Requirement Study (To-Be)
Gap Analysis
Identification of new Technology and the required platform
Development from ground up
Unit Testing
Integration with other business applications
Deployment and migration
Training on the new environment
:: Products
We offer a wide range of cost-effective, out-of-the box and customisable software solutions for various Industries. We also customize these to fulfil clients’ specific needs. We provide solutions for :
Social Services Sector
Schools & Universities
Health Care
Intranet Portal
   Value Proposition
  :: automation of manual processes
  :: lowering operational costs
  :: reaping benefit from the Internet (portal, b2b, b2c)
  :: instantaneous data access and sophisticated management reports
  :: upgrade of “legacy applications” (dBase, FoxPro, Paradox, Access, Clipper, etc.)
  :: Competitive quality / cost combination