1. Is Professional Services division just a staffing agency?
    No, Emerio Professional Services division is not just a staffing agency. It is a division of Emerio Corporation, which is a consolidation of GlobeSoft and R & D TeamWorks. Emerio Corporation is an International IT Consulting and Services company.
2. Whose employees would the consultants be?
    The consultants would be Emerio employees.
3. Where would the consultants work?
    The consultants would work at a client's office or at Emerio offices based on the client’s requirement.
4. Will Emerio handle the legal formalities and administrative needs pertaining to expatriate consultants?
    Emerio will directly handle legal and immigration issues like Employment Pass, logistics like air travel, initial accommodation and all other welfare issues like Insurance, Medical, Bonuses etc.
5. What is the composition of Emerio’s current consultants base?
    Emerio’s consultant pool is a healthy mix of local, expatriate and immigrant technologists. Our current consultant status is 42% Singaporeans/ Singapore Permanent Residents, 25% expatriates hired locally and the rest hired directly from overseas.
6. What nationalities are Emerio consultants?
    Emerio is an equal opportunity employer hiring consultants mostly from IT resource rich countries like Singapore, India, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Japan, Australia, USA, etc.
7. What is the response time for a resource requirement?
    Once a requirement has been defined, Emerio will respond within the next business day. Emerio has proven systems in place to achieve speed and accuracy.
8. How does Emerio ensure quality?
    Emerio GlobeSoft is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with systems and process in place. All consultants proposed by Emerio would have passed the Emerio Globesoft Standard Test (EGST). Internal technology practitioners evaluate skill sets and HR practitioners evaluate soft skills ensuring that only quality applicants are proposed to our clients.
9. What is the accuracy rate of Emerio consultants meeting the client requirement?
    The track record of Emerio Globesoft Standard Test (EGST) shows that more than 80% of the profiles presented for positions are accepted and client sees a turnover rate of less than 5% during the contractual period.
10. Is it possible for Emerio to setup a complete Project team from scratch?
    Emerio is a perennial source of highly experienced IT Resources. With its global presence, Emerio can ramp up a technical team of any size in record time.
11. How does Emerio care for its contracted staff?
    Emerio values and takes pride of its human capital, which is its main asset. The Human Resource Team constantly monitors and manages the contracted staff behind the scenes ensuring that they always feel part of the Emerio family.
12. Is it possible to convert an Emerio consultant into a full time permanent staff?
    Yes, it is possible.