Emerio’s entrepreneurial culture, environment and professionalism are what differentiate us from our competition, enabling us to deliver technically superior networking solutions on time and within budget.
Emerio has IT centres in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand that are amply equipped to support critical projects. Our support coverage window is flexible, starting from 9/5 coverage and moving up to 24/7 coverage through scaled combinations of “continuous” or “on-demand” support.
Effectively managing applications and systems, be they legacy or enterprise solutions, enables organizations to embrace IT into their mainstream activities, thereby generating synergy between IT and their core business functions.
  Application or System support
  Application or System maintenance
  Application enhancement
Success in end-to-end outsourcing or limited outsourcing depends upon strong support models. At Emerio, we formulate the support model by first understanding the scope––its breadth and depth. We then combine this understanding with our prior successful experience to generate a support model tailored for our clients. Our support models are backed by proven processes to ensure quality services to users.
The breadth of the scope covers the list of applications and systems that need to be supported or maintained, while the depth of the scope covers areas like acknowledgement, qualification, troubleshooting, resolution, performance and availability, monitoring, administration, code fixing, enhancements, customization etc.
At Emerio, continuity of the client’s business is seen as the primary requirement, overriding all others. Successful outsourcing is provided through:
  Proven Project Management methodologies and proven processes
  Converting customer expectations into measurable deliverables / service levels (Service Level Agreements – SLA)
  Choosing and executing the appropriate cost saving model of “right-shoring”
  Adopting the right Client Engagement model